Mystical Lingzhi (Ganoderma)

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Moku-moku DIY Mushroom Box (Lingzhi Ganoderma)

  • Grow your own mystical Traditional Chinese Medicine Lingzhi, a.k.a Garnoderma.

  • Easy growing: Open, Mist, and Grow!

  • Indoors - Place it in your kitchen or in your office. No sunlight required!

  • 100% Pesticide Free: No pesticide is used.


What you get?

  • Moku-moku DIY Mushroom Box - Lingzhi a.k.a Garnoderma

  • A FREE Mist Sprayer (watering kit) worth RM3.50.

  • Collectible bookmarks!

  • Instruction Manual


What to expect?

  • It takes more than 2 month to grow and reach maturity.

  • Serve as a display deco.

  • Slice and boil them as soup or powder it and mix with coffee for the extra ummmmph!

  • A perfect gift for parents/adults/seniors.

  • Growing Lingzhi is different from

  • Enjoy the miraculous health benefits of Lingzhi.

  • Applicable for One to One Replacement Policy.


Benefits of Lingzhi

1) Lingzhi is well known to enhance the overall health by boosting body immune system.

Lingzhi is primarily composed of water-soluble polysaccharides, triterpenoids, and amino acids. The water-soluble polysaccharides which are the most active element are found to have anti-tumour, immune modulating and blood pressure lowering effect.


2) Lingzhi is believed to help lower blood pressure and reduce allergies.

Triterpenes (a.k.a ganoderic acids) help alleviate common allergies, improving oxygen utilization and improving liver functions. Triterpenes is a compound that gives the mushroom its bitter taste.


3) In Chinese culture, Lingzhi associates with longevity.

The name Lingzhi 【靈芝】 represents a combination spiritual potency and the essence of immortality. It is regarded as the ‘herbs of spiritual potency. Lingzhi symbolizes well-being, longevity, divine power and success.


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