How to properly cut the “+” shape on the soil bag?

Cut a “+” shape with each cut length around 4-5 cm, our experience shows that it is best grow with cut length no longer than 5 cm.

Leave the cutting as it is. Do not attempt to bend or remove the plastic sheet/ plastic bag as it is meant to protect the soil bag from moisture lost.


What kind of mushroom does the Moku-Moku Box grows?

There are few types of mushrooms you can grow with Moku-moku Box, such as:

1. Grey Oyster Mushroom
2. Pink Oyster Mushroom
3. Lingzhi (Ganoderma)

Where can I purchase your mushroom box?

Currently Moku-Moku box can be purchased only from our website i.e. www.mokumoku.my. However we are working on getting them to be available on shelves in stores nationwide.

What do you have in the Moku-moku box?

It contains a soil bag, mushroom mycelium, and a free water sprayer located at the top of the Moku-Moku box.

What are the white spots covering in the soil bag?

Those are the roots of the mushroom, a.k.a Mycelium. It shows that your mushroom box is healthy and ready to grow!

What do the grey oyster mushrooms taste like?

It has juicy and meaty taste. Some say it taste like seafood!

What are the nutrition value of oyster mushrooms?

Oyster mushroom has high level of protein, low in saturated fat and cholesterol. Thiamin, Vitamin B6, Iron, Magnesium, Calcium, Dietary Fiber, and lots of other minerals and nutrients in it. Oyster mushroom is also known to provide Vitamin D that helps to strengthen bones and teeth.

Are the mushrooms pesticides free?

Yes, the soil bag and fertilisers are made out of natural and organic materials. No pesticides, or insecticides are used. You can be sure that the mushrooms grown from Moku-Moku box are pesticides free.

How is your mushroom box more sustainable?

The soil bag is made out of wood sawdust, which is a by-product during the process in saw mill. We recycle and used it as the main nutrients for mushroom growing.

When you finished growing mushrooms, the nutrient depleted soil bag in Moku-Moku box can be used it as organic fertiliser for your home garden!


Is it easy to grow mushroom?

Yes, it is easy to grow! The mushroom will grow as fast as in 4 days with sufficient moisture and a lot of love.

How long can I store the kit before I start growing it?

We recommend you to grow your mushroom within 2 weeks upon receiving Moku-Moku box. However cases shown that it can keep up to 2 months in dry and dark places.

Where is the best place to grow the Moku-moku?

You can grow Moku-moku box at any places indoor without direct sunlight.

What will happen if I forgot to water the mushroom for a few days?

The soil bag in Moku-moku box might completely dried out and couldn’t grow any mushroom out of it. (**by Increase the frequency of watering daily you might be able to revive it.) We recommend that you water it everyday to avoid early retirement of your Moku-moku box.

How do I know when to harvest the mushrooms?

You can start harvest it when the largest 2-3 mushrooms cap are around 3cm-6cm in diameters. Harvest it before it starts to get old and dry.

Why my mushrooms doesn’t look the as nice as yours on the website?

It is fun to grow Oyster mushroom as it always grow in different shapes and sizes, it can be TOTALLY different from what you are anticipating. Post your mushroom photos at our facebook fanpage and share with us your mushroom growing experience. Our facebook fanpage is www.fb.com/moku.my.

How do I harvest the mushrooms?

Hold the whole batch of mushroom deep from stem near the soil bag. Then, pull the whole batch out of the soil bag. Clean up any roots remainings out of the soil bag.

Where do I store the harvested mushrooms?

You should keep our mushrooms in the refrigerator once harvested.

How long can I keep the harvested mushrooms?

You can keep refrigerated for around 1 week.

What can I do with my harvested mushrooms?

Cook and eat it! It tastes delicious!

My first crop of mushrooms grew beautifully but the second one hasn’t come yet, what’s wrong?

It usually takes up to 10-15 days for the second crop to grow. Be patient!

Where shall I discard my box after it's done growing mushrooms?

Once you are done growing mushroom, retrieve the soil bag in Moku-moku box and use it as compost fertilizer for your garden.

How many batches of mushrooms can your box grow?

We guarantee the first successful harvest for our products. It can grow up to 1-4 times out of the box. In some cases, it can grow more if you are lucky!

Will anything else grow from the mushroom box?

Healthy soil will only grow edibles mushroom from Moku-moku box, unless it is contaminated by other type of fungus. Send us some photos if you are not sure. You can join our forum page or facebook page to discuss among other moku users.

How do we know whether the soil in Moku-moku box is not healthy?

Healthy soil should present in white and light-brown in colour. Typical contamination would show spots and patches of green, black, or other vivid colours. If such contamination occurred, oyster mushrooms would no longer grow from Moku-moku box. Our operation procedure is stringent and staffs follow them strictly to ensure each soil bag that we produce is healthy. Send us some photos of your box if you are not sure. You can join our forum page or facebook page to discuss among other moku users.

What happens if my moku-moku box doesn’t grow?

We are happy to replace you with another Moku-moku box if it didn’t grow mushroom at all. Please refer to our One-to-One Replacement Policy.

What is the optimum condition to grow mushroom?

The optimum conditions for growing Oyster Mushroom is Humidity at 80°, temperature at 26-30° at all time. Avoid direct exposure to sun.


1. Like grey oyster mushroom, pink oyster mushroom is in the same Pleurotus family, but it is in pink color.
2. It is edible.
3. It grows as fast as Grey Oyster Mushroom. Please monitor it daily.
4. Just follow the growing instructions on Grey Oyster Mushroom if you have any doubt.


1. It is also known as Reishi.
2. Be patient, Lingzhi takes up to 2-3 months to be fully grown. While it is growing, you can notice its distinctive white color border.
3. You can harvest it when it is completely in red color.
4. Yes, it is edible. Boiled it with water or cook with soup. Check https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1GH_uQ7AQlM to make a healthy immortality tea.
5. Don’t be too surprised, the baby Lingzhi is really ugly. Picture shown is a 3 weeks old baby.

Quick Facts on Black Jelly

1. Black Jelly takes 2-4 weeks to grow and harvest.
2. This is how baby black jelly looks like. They are alien-like creature but completely harmless.


What does Moku-moku stand for?

Moku has the phonetic sounds like mushroom in Chinese.

When did the company start?

It is started in June 2013 by two enthusiastic founders, Mervin Low and Sean Chai. They shared the same vision and principle thus creating such amazing product.

Do you have any other products?

We only have a variety of Moku-moku boxes as our main product so far. Currently, we have oyster mushrooms, pink oyster mushrooms, Lingzhi mushrooms, abalone mushrooms, and black jelly mushrooms.

More to come in the near future. Please follow us on Facebook or subscribe us at mokumoku.my.

Can I spread the word about your business & products?

Yes, please do. We would like you to promote and share the fun and exciting experience on growing your own mushroom with Moku-Moku. If you would like to part of our team, or becoming our affiliating partners. Please write to us at ask@mokumoku.my

Do you have a theme song?

Yes we do. Check it out and give us some comment. https://goo.gl/NQBHsO

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One to One Replacement Policy

1. Contamination upon receiving
Moku-moku will replace a new mushroom box for the same mushroom type inclusive shipping fee if the mushroom box is contaminated upon receiving. Contaminations are usually in the form of green mold patches grows underneath the surface of soil-bed.
Please report to us within 2 days upon receiving with the following information:
1) Purchase Receipt/ Reference no.;
2) Date of receive and;
3) Photos of contamination.

You can report to us via:
Option 1: email (ask@mokumoku.my)
Option 2: facebook fanpage (https://www.facebook.com/moku.my)
Option 3: Whatsapp/ Wechat/ LINE at +6019 860 2668

We will respond to you within 36 hours. Replacement will be given in 100% Discount Code which you can redeem at our store (www.mokumoku.my) at any time. The 100% Discount Code is valid for 2 months upon issued. Redeem it before it gets expired!

2. Unsuccessful grow for first crop in 30 days
Moku-moku will replace a new mushroom box for the same mushroom type excluding shipping fee if it does not grow the first crop within 30 days (Product received date is considered the first day) of receiving the product.

Please report to us with the following information:
1) Purchase Receipt/ Reference no.;
2) Date of receive and;
3) Photos of contamination.

You can report to us via:
Option 1: email (ask@mokumoku.my)
Option 2: facebook fanpage (https://www.facebook.com/moku.my)
Option 3: Whatsapp/ Wechat/ LINE at +6019 860 2668

We will respond to you within 36 hours. Replacement will be given in 100% Discount Code which you can redeem at our store (www.mokumoku.my) at any time. The 100% Discount Code is valid for 2 months upon issued. Redeem it before it gets expired!

3. Expiry date (“Best Before”)
The expiry date for Moku-moku DIY Mushroom Box is 30 days upon receiving the product. The day of the product received is counted as 1st day.

4. 100% Discount Code
Replacement will be given in 100% Discount Code which you can redeem at our store (www.mokumoku.my) at any time. The 100% Discount Code is valid for 2 months upon issued. Redeem it before it gets expired!

5. One to One Replacement Policy is not valid for the mushroom kit does not follow the growing instructions.
One to One replacement Policy is not valid for mushroom kit that does not follow the growing instructions. For example, placing mushroom kit at places that exposed to direct sunlight. Example 2, peeling off the plastic of the soil bag.

6. Each purchase only able to claim once under One to One Replacement Policy.
Each purchase is only able to claim one under One to One Replacement Policy. Redeemed mushroom kit is not eligible for One to One Replacement Policy.

7. Eligible Products for One to One Replacement Policy
One to One Replacement Policy is applicable for the products:
- Moku-moku DIY Mushroom Box (1 box)
- Twin Pack (2 Boxes)
- Six Pack Combo
- 12 Pack Combo

8. Moku-moku reserves the right to replace with other items or money with the same value.

9. Moku-moku reserves the right to interpretation of the above terms and conditions.

10. International orders (shipped outside Malaysia) are not eligible for One to One Replacement Policy.

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6. Accuracy
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